Metro Water Unlawful Retaliation Raises Rates

Vote Donovan Hemway Metro Water Tucson Board

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Donovan Hemway, Danny Sargent and Helen Ireland are three Metro Water customers running for Metro Water Tucson Board of Directors. If you are in Metro Water’s district you will see our names on the ballot for the General Election which will be held November 4, 2014.

Vote Donovan Hemway Metro Water Tucson Board




Donovan Hemway is an Industrial Electrician that holds a certification in Water Distribution as well. With twenty plus years electrical background and eight of those serving the water field as an employee, volunteer board member, board vice president and board president. Favorite charities include Casa de Los Ninos, Wounded Warrior Project, and Primavera Foundation. The three of us share an understanding of this region’s water industry and its people, and together we share a commitment to be more responsive to our customers and employees. We believe that a company can better serve its customers and neighbors when it takes the time to listen and demonstrate accountability. 520-990-3650

 A few words from Donovan Hemway . . .

In listening to customers and employees I am aware of a great many situations where individuals do not feel that their concerns have been handled fairly, or that an attempt to do so has been put forth. I have experienced this myself and seek to restore the spirit of good faith and fair dealing that has been dormant for so long at the District.

Metro Water District (The District) is in the unique position of not having to answer to the Arizona Corporation Commission nor the Better Business Bureau, nor to many of its customers (by their accounts). Many have found that the only available path to resolution left for a disparity between a customer, employee, contractor, or local government and the District is through the courts. The amount of money that the current Metro Water Board has expended or is willing to expend in litigation (rather than listening to or working with those who rely upon their services) is still unknown. (“That amount is not yet known” – Mark R Stratton)

Fifty thousand customers, fifty employees, and I rely upon Metro Water District to be an entity that demonstrates accountability by resolving issues through listening before litigating. Simple acts of everyday fairness and consideration from the top down could greatly improve this organization in ways that rate increases to support the “fixed costs” of hiring of criminal defense lawyers, lobbyists, and PR firms cannot. Fair observance of the law and of the principles of good faith and fair dealing must again be the duty of those directing Metro Water’s policy and resources.

The latest increase in our water rates is entirely unnecessary and should be repealed before taking effect. For many years the incumbents on this board have had no challengers, and the Metro Water Board has chosen a path of raising rates over curtailing unnecessary expenditures. This November 4th, voters have a chance to change this.

Please vote Hemway, Sargent, Ireland for YOUR Metro Water Board.


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