Metro Water Unlawful Retaliation Raises Rates

Donovan Hemway, Danny Sargent, and Helen Ireland
for Pima County Metro Water Tucson Board

Donovan Hemway, Danny Sargent and Helen Ireland are running for three seats on the Metro Water Board of Directors.  If you are in the Metro Water District you will see our names on the ballot for the General Election which will be held on November 4th.

Donovan Hemway is an Industrial Electrician that holds a certification in Water Distribution as well. With twenty plus years electrical background and eight of those serving the water field as an employee, volunteer board member, board vice president and board president. Favorite charities include Casa de Los Ninos, Wounded Warrior Project, and Primavera Foundation. The three of us share an understanding of this region’s water industry and its people, and together we share a commitment to be more responsive to our customers and employees. We believe that a company can better serve its customers and neighbors when it takes the time to listen and demonstrate accountability. 520-990-3650

Danny Sargent is a former employee of Metro Water and has a good understanding of daily water operations. His expertise will help to ensure the District’s number one priority remains the rate payers. With 10 years’ experience in the water utility field Danny will be beneficial to the board as they make decisions that affect the quality and cost of the water delivered to your homes, businesses, and schools. Danny is a certified water operator in the state of Arizona and has a keen understanding of local, state, and federal drinking water regulations and will ensure all decisions made by the board adhere to these standards. If elected Danny will make water quality, securing long term water supplies, and fiscal responsibility his top priorities. His belief is that these should be the core functions of any successful water utility.   If you would like more information on our campaign or where we stand on issues affecting your water system you can always email Danny at

Helen Ireland has a strong background in public works, transportation, flood control and planning working primarily for Pima County starting in 1984. Helen has served Metro Water as a board member and had been an employee of Metro Water’s Engineering Division as a Geographic Information Systems Analyst. Helen is an active member of the Southern Arizona Hiking Club and a board member and volunteer web master for Southern Arizona Clay Artists, and has volunteered at Tohono Chul Nature Preserve. Helen feels the current water rates are adequate to encourage water conservation but would like to see more done to seek alternatives to CAP and pumping ground water. Helen believes money can be found by promoting efficiency and expertise. Helen can be reached at 520-531-0719 or


Vote Donovan Hemway, Helen Ireland and Danny Sargent
 for Pima County Metro Water Tucson Board

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